Swiss Village Farm Foundation


The SVF Foundation is a private institution established in the late 1990s to help preserve endangered breeds of food and fiber livestock, primarily
sheep, goats, and cattle. The foundation has contracted withCummings School to help them with their mission. The project involves collecting germplasm from rare breeds of livestock, primarily in the form of embryos and semen. Donor females are superovulated and then impregnated so that their embryos can be surgically collected. Collected semen and embryos are then frozen so that the stored germplasm can create a genetic resource bank of endangered breeds of livestock. Several veterinarians from Tufts Ambulatory Service work extensively with theSVF Foundation. Dr. Matsas provides regular veterinary care for the foundation’s animals and collects germplasm from the small ruminants. Drs. White and Lindell also work regularly with the foundation, usually collecting germplasm from the cattle.