Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

Whether you are a middle school, high school, or college student, or even a “transitional” adult, Adventures in Veterinary Medicine has a session for you! If you’re bright and motivated, you’ll find no better introduction to a career in veterinary medicine.

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

Continuing Education for Veterinary Professionals

Cummings School faculty provide the latest in surgical and medical education (CE) to the veterinary professionals and staff throughout New England.  Leaders in research and teaching, they provide seminars, lectures, hands on labs, and online learning experiences that improve the care and treatment of all species.

Pet Owner Education

Clinicians from our hospitals how to best deal with the common and uncommon complaints your pet might face. From how to socialize a puppy, to dealing with the challenges of geriatric care, our clinicians help us to understand the right way to keep our pets in the best of health.

Varis Lecture Hall

Lifelong learning is central to our mission at Cummings School. From school children to senior citizens, we support people of all ages in their thirst for knowledge.

Outside of our DVM, PhD and graduate programs, Cummings School offers STEM education, community education, and professional education for licensure.   Our Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program provides insight into the real world of veterinary school for all ages helping nurture future veterinary professionals from a young age.

Our students, staff and our internationally acclaimed faculty –collaborate to help advance animal and human health within our local and global communities.