Financial Aid in MCM

Financial aid for all Cummings School graduate programs is administered through the Financial Aid Office. For questions about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Students in the MS in Conservation Medicine (MCM) Program may be eligible to borrow federal student loans and non-federal education loans to help finance the cost of education. Graduate students may also receive consideration for federal work study. Also, see below for information on deferment of prior student loans and other financial aid resources.

The MCM financial aid application packet includes detailed application instructions and how to determine financial aid eligibility. Graduates of the MCM Program may also be eligible for the Tufts Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

Federal Student Loans

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University participates in the Federal Direct Lending Program, which includes:

  • William D. Ford Subsidized Direct Loan
  • William D. Ford Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan

The lender is the US Department of Education. More detailed information can be found on the Federal Direct Student Loans as Financial Aid page.

Federal Work Study Program

The Federal Work Study Program provides federal funds to support employment opportunities for students in need of financial aid. The Federal Work Study program offers funding for on campus employment. These funds may be used to assist in paying educational expenses. Federal Work Study is a need-based program. The administration of this program is in accordance with the guidelines established by the US Department of Education. Consideration for this program is made through submission of the FAFSA and is contingent upon available funds.  For financial aid application information, visit:

Deferment of Prior Student Loans

Tufts University provides information regarding student enrollment status to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse, which then provides information to lenders. Federal regulations require that students be enrolled half time or full time to receive and defer student loans. Information is transmitted bi-monthly to the Clearinghouse. The MCM Program is considered a full-time program.

Other Financial Aid Resources

Students are encouraged to seek scholarship assistance from private sources.

Private scholarships may be offered by community organizations and are often announced in hometown newspapers. Scholarships may also be offered by professional associations, religious groups, employers and businesses.

Online scholarship databases are useful, but should be used with caution. Read the use/privacy policy when using a site to learn how the information you provide will be used.

You should never provide personal, protected data when completing a scholarship profile. You should not be required to pay a fee when applying for a scholarship or conducting a search. Avoid using any service for which a fee is charged. Some good scholarship search and information sites are:

  • FastWeb – A scholarship search site
  • College Board – A scholarship search site
  • FinAid – Provides information about loans, scholarships and many other topics related to financial aid