Career Opportunities and Alumni in MAPP

Graduates of the MS in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) program are well positioned to continue their graduate education, or to secure employment in the private, public or non-profit sectors. Students who enroll in the program tend to be in one of three career stages. Some start the MAPP program directly out of college, and look to begin a career related to animals. Others take a break from established careers to deepen their knowledge or chart a new direction for their life’s work. And still others plan to supplement their graduate program. A sampling of the diverse career paths of MAPP program graduates includes the following:

  • Local and regional animal shelters: program officers, administrators, educators, outreach coordinators and development specialists.
  • Veterinary clinical practice.
  • Clinical animal behavior practice.
  • Humane and environmental education.
  • Animal protection, conservation and environmental advocacy organizations: program officers, researchers, policy analysts, lobbyists, educators and development specialists.
  • Animal law practice.
  • Government service including: USDA, USFWS, USDOJ and NOAA.
  • Research compliance officers.
  • University research and teaching.
  • Mass communication including: writing, editing, blogging and website development.