International Veterinary Medicine Signature Opportunity Electives

Advanced and clinically oriented electives are offered on and off campus for students with an interest in international veterinary medicine at the end of their third and during their fourth years.

Advanced International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Elective

The Advanced IVM Elective is a short course for third- and fourth-year students. This elective course builds upon the first-year IVM course, summer research activities and IVM forums, and is targeted towards students with a specific interest in applying their veterinary skills in international settings. The emphasis is on practical technical and communication skills that contribute to increased effectiveness in new and challenging environments. The course is open to fourth- and third-year students and is compulsory for the IVM Post Graduate Certificate Program students in these years. It is offered every other year. The course is limited to a total of 20 students with the numbers being divided equally between the two years if numbers of interested students exceeds the limit.

This elective course is a one-week intensive overview of international veterinary medicine with approximately half of the time devoted to didactic presentation of in-depth material on the key components of IVM. The other half of the allotted time consists of practical work, team-based problem solving and field case discussions.

International Clinical Rotation Elective

The fourth-year International Clinical Rotations elective provides opportunities to gain clinical experience in international settings. The elective may be part of an international development assistance program or arranged independently by the student.