Special Courses in Shelter Medicine

The following courses are offered annually:

Shelter Dog Dental Day
The Shelter Dog Dental Day is open to all students, not just those with a special interest in shelter medicine, and is offered as a third-year elective week.
Students work in teams to anesthetize and perform dental prophylaxis on a healthy shelter dog who is in need of dental care before adoption. Each student will get to do the dental work on one half of a dog’s mouth. Cleaning procedures will be performed by the student under the supervision of Dr. Joo and Dr. Rosenblad. Extractions will be performed by the veterinary dentists and observed by students; students are also encouraged to enroll in the cadaver lab to be held on Friday to practice extractions.While one student is cleaning teeth, the other team member will be responsible for the dog’s anesthesia under the supervision of Dr. McCobb. Both members will will swap roles half-way through the procedure. Anesthetic protocols, risks and pain management for dental procedures will be discussed. Students will be required to be in the spay lab by 7am to perform SOAPs and ready the patients for anesthesia.
Disaster Response
The disaster medicine course is a week long didactic elective offered to third- and fourth-year students. Instructors include representatives from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART), MSPCA, American Humane Association and Tufts faculty. The course includes an introduction to the incident command system and formal ICS training. Students who complete the elective and the required out of class assignments will end up credentialed to be able to respond to an actual disaster once signed up with SMART or other agency.