DVM Fourth Year Curriculum

By the beginning of the fourth year, all core didactic courses and some clinical rotations are completed. The student spends the entire year gaining further experience in clinical and other rotations. The core clinical rotation program utilizes the case method approach. Under supervision the student records case histories, performs physical examinations as well as diagnostic and surgical procedures, and learns to assume responsibility for treatment and case and client management.

Core Clinical Rotations Weeks
Total Core Rotations 41
Total 61
Small Animal Medicine 3
Small Animal Surgery 3
Large Animal Medicine 3
Large Animal Surgery 3
Ambulatory Medicine 3
Wildlife Clinic 2
Radiology/Imaging 3
Anatomical and Clinical Pathology 3
Emergency and Critical Care 3
Anesthesiology 3
Ophthalmology 2
Oncology 2
Cardiology 2
Neurology 2
Dermatology 1
Taking Charge of Your Professional Life 1
Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic 2
Ethics Seminar 2 hours
Required Electives 16
Vacation 4