Degree Requirements for DVM/MS in Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Successful completion of the DVM/MSCBS program is dependent upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the core curriculum of 35 credits, consisting of both core DVM/MSCBS courses and several first year DVM courses.
  • Active participation in laboratory meetings.
  • Attendance at departmental seminars and journal club.
  • Conducting hypothesis-driven research in a laboratory.
  • The submission and acceptance of a master’s level thesis.
  • A successful oral defense of the student’s research.

Thesis acceptability is determined by the student’s Student Advisory Committee plus one additional faculty member. It is expected that students complete degree requirements within fifteen months of enrollment in the DVM/MSCBS program.

It is noted that the Master of Science degree is part of the combined DVM/MSCBS program. Therefore, the MS is only conferred at commencement upon completion of all requirements for both the MS and the DVM programs. Under no circumstance is the MS granted without the DVM.

Thesis Requirements

The Master of Science thesis in Comparative Biomedical Sciences will consist of the following elements:

  • A title page that includes the project title, the student’s name, the names of the mentor and members of the advisory committee, a statement that the thesis is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Comparative Biomedical Sciences, and the month and year of submission.
  • A signature page that lists the mentor and members of the examination committee with a  place for signatures.
  • An one page abstract of the project.
  • A general introduction to the research problem within the field of study. Current and pertinent references should be included in this section.
  • A body of the thesis that consists of specific experiments and manipulations conducted by the student. The methods and results should be included in this section. Submitted or published work can be included as a component of this section.
  • A general discussion that relates the experimental findings to existing literature and the state of the field.
  • Acknowledgements (including the training grant: NIH T32 RR18267 or USAMRMC W81XWH-06-1-0640).
  • References
  • Tables
  • Figure Legends
  • Figures

The thesis should be double spaced in 12-point font. Pages should be numbered beginning with the abstract page (page two) at either the bottom center or bottom right of the page. The title page should not be numbered.

Thesis Deadlines

Students should submit their thesis, in its final form, to the thesis examination committee a minimum of two weeks prior to the thesis defense.

The thesis defense should occur in July in time to permit the student any final revisions. The thesis examination committee will consist of the thesis committee plus one outside examiner from either Tufts University faculty or the faculty of another academic institution. The name of the outside examiner must be submitted to the DVM/MSCBS Program Director for approval at least one month prior to the scheduled thesis defense. The thesis examination committee can approve the thesis as is, approve it with revisions or reject it.

Two hard copies of the approved thesis together with a single comprehensive DVM/MSCBS Program Director by August 15 upon the thesis committee’s approval.