Financial Aid for DVM/MS in Comparative Biomedical Sciences

/MS–CBS students are eligible for financial aid from a number of sources. All applicants are eligible for stipend support from the NIH. The anticipated NIH stipend amount for the 2011 – 2012 academic year is $22,500 per year per student. Funds are also available to cover health and dental insurance costs, the health administration fee and travel. Students admitted to this program and receiving stipend support from the NIH may also receive a tuition waiver for all or part of tuition.

In addition, students may apply for the Veterinary Student Research Training Program for National Defense. If awarded, the DVM/MSCBS tuition, stipend, health insurance and fees, as well as one semester of DVM tuition will be covered.

Tufts University provides information regarding student enrollment status to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. Federal regulations require that students be enrolled full-time to receive and defer student loans. Full-time enrollment status for the DVM/MSCBS program is seven or more course credits per semester, and, therefore, qualifies for continuation of loan deferments.

More information regarding financial aid can be found in the Financial Aid section.