DVM/MS in Comparative Biomedical Sciences

This combined five year DVM/MS in Comparative Biomedical Sciences program offers DVM students at Cummings School the opportunity to gain intensive training in biomedical research within one of the program faculty laboratories funded by the National Institutes of Health, the United States Department of Agriculture or the National Science Foundation.

Combined DVM Programs

A Leg Up for Horse Health

Brenna Pugliese, V18, and DVM-MS-CBS student work with faculty and students from both Cummings School and the School of Engineering in Medford to train their entrepreneurial skills on multimillion-dollar equine legwear industry.

Cancer Genetics

DVM/MS-CBS alumna Kate Megquier talks about her study mapping genes associated with two cancers common in golden retrievers could lead to better prevention and treatment of the disease in dogs as well as similar cancers in people.