Faculty in the Department of Environmental and Population Health

  • Ivan Craig Embree

    Ivan Craig Embree
    Dairy Production & Management

  • Rachael Gately

    Rachael Gately

  • David Lee-Parritz

    David Lee-Parritz
    Director, Laboratory Animal Medicine Service

  • Kevin A. Lindell

    Kevin A. Lindell
    Bovine Embryo Transfer, Zoonotic Disease

  • David J. Matsas

    David J. Matsas
    Large Animal Reproduction, Embryo Transfer

  • John M. Pollock

    John M. Pollock
    Large Animal Medicine

  • Alfredo Sanchez

    Alfredo Sanchez
    Equine Respiratory Diseases (IAD, EIPH, RAO)

  • George Saperstein

    George Saperstein

  • Angeline E. Warner

    Angeline E. Warner
    Respiratory Pathophysiology, Laboratory Animal Medicine

  • Eugene C. White

    Eugene C. White
    Bovine Mastitis, Sustainable Agriculture, Large Animal Medicine

  • Julia G Wilkinson

    Julia G Wilkinson