Faculty in Department of Clinical Sciences

Most faculty members in the Department of Clinical Sciences are involved with teaching, clinical service and research, although the degree of emphasis on each area varies among faculty members.

Summaries of faculty members' teaching and research interests can be found in their academic profiles below. Summaries of faculty members' areas of clinical expertise can be found on the Faculty and Staff pages of the Hospital for Large Animals and the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals.

  • Amanda Abelson

    Amanda Abelson
    Emergency & Critical Care/Anesthesia

  • Lisa G. Barber

    Lisa G. Barber
    Oncology, Chemotherapy

  • Daniela Bedenice

    Daniela Bedenice
    Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine

  • Jerold Bell

    Jerold Bell
    Clinical Genetics

  • R. John Berg

    R. John Berg
    Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Cheryl Blaze

    Cheryl Blaze

  • Stephanie Borns-Weil

    Stephanie Borns-Weil
    Animal Behavior

  • Randy J. Boudrieau

    Randy J. Boudrieau
    Orthopedic Surgery

  • Kirstin Bubeck

    Kirstin Bubeck
    Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine

  • Kristine E Burgess

    Kristine E Burgess

  • Kate Chope

    Kate Chope
    Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging

  • Lilian Cornejo

    Lilian Cornejo
    Internal Medicine

  • Sarah K. Crain

    Sarah K. Crain
    Small Animal Internal Medicine

  • Suzanne Cunningham

    Suzanne Cunningham

  • Armelle M. de Laforcade

    Armelle M. de Laforcade
    Emergency Medicine & Critical Care, Coagulation

  • Nicholas H. Dodman

    Nicholas H. Dodman
    Behavioral Pharmacology, Animal Behavior

  • Dominik Faissler

    Dominik Faissler
    Neurology and Neurosurgery

  • Claire L. Fellman

    Claire L. Fellman
    Internal Medicine (Small Animal) / Clinical Pharmacology

  • Lluis Ferrer

    Lluis Ferrer

  • Nicholas Frank

    Nicholas Frank
    Department Chair; Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Obesity, and Laminitis

  • Lisa Freeman

    Lisa Freeman
    Clinical Nutrition, Human-Animal Interaction, Cachexia

  • Jose M Garcia-Lopez

    Jose M Garcia-Lopez
    Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

  • Juliet Gladden

    Juliet Gladden
    Anaphylaxis, Innate Immune System, Exotics

  • Jennifer L Grady

    Jennifer L Grady
    Shelter Medicine

  • Jennifer Graham

    Jennifer Graham
    Zoological Companion Animal Medicine

  • Alisha M Gruntman

    Alisha M Gruntman
    Large Animal Internal Medicine

  • Cailin R. Heinze

    Cailin R. Heinze

  • Andrew M. Hoffman

    Andrew M. Hoffman
    Internal Medicine, Respiratory Physiology, Regenerative Medicine

  • Thomas M. Jenei

    Thomas M. Jenei
    Large Animal Surgery

  • Alicia M. Karas

    Alicia M. Karas
    Anesthesia, Pain Medicine

  • Michele A.  Keyerleber

    Michele A. Keyerleber

  • Ryan King

    Ryan King
    Diagnostic Imaging

  • Carl A. Kirker-Head

    Carl A. Kirker-Head
    Orthopedic and Large Animal Surgery, Bone Regrowth and Remodeling

  • S. Emi Knafo

    S. Emi Knafo
    Chelonian medicine and surgery, avian orthopedics and wound healing, surgery and endoscopy of all exotic species

  • Michael P Kowaleski

    Michael P Kowaleski
    Clinical Orthopedics

  • Raymond K. Kudej

    Raymond K. Kudej
    Clinical Soft Tissue Surgery, Ischemia Tolerance

  • Mary Labato

    Mary Labato
    Nephrology, Urology, Small Animal Medicine

  • Andrea Lam

    Andrea Lam

  • Deborah E Linder

    Deborah E Linder
    Clinical Nutrition, Obesity Clinic

  • Cheryl London

    Cheryl London

  • Orla Mahony

    Orla Mahony

  • Melissa Mazan

    Melissa Mazan
    Internal Medicine, Equine Respiratory System, Lung Function

  • Robert McCarthy

    Robert McCarthy
    Clinical Orthopedics and Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Emily McCobb

    Emily McCobb
    Anesthesia, Pain Medicine

  • Elizabeth McNiel

    Elizabeth McNiel

  • Megan Kiely Mueller

    Megan Kiely Mueller
    Human-animal Interaction

  • Theresa E. O'Toole

    Theresa E. O’Toole
    Emergency and Critical Care

  • Trisha Oura

    Trisha Oura
    Diagnostic Imaging

  • Mary Rose Paradis

    Mary Rose Paradis
    Internal Medicine, Equine Neonatal Care, Equine Geriatric Care

  • Dominique G. Penninck

    Dominique G. Penninck
    Ultrasonography, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology

  • Christopher Pirie

    Christopher Pirie

  • Stefano Pizzirani

    Stefano Pizzirani

  • Virginia T Rentko

    Virginia T Rentko

  • Linda Ross

    Linda Ross
    Nephrology, Treatment of Renal Failure

  • Elizabeth A. Rozanski

    Elizabeth A. Rozanski
    Respiratory Disease, Hematology, Emergency & Critical Care

  • John E. Rush

    John E. Rush
    Nutritional Management of Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiology, Critical Care

  • Amy F. Sato

    Amy F. Sato
    Diagnostic Imaging

  • Mauricio Solano

    Mauricio Solano
    Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine

  • Michael S. Stone

    Michael S. Stone
    Internal Medicine, Small Animal Medicine

  • James Sutherland-Smith

    James Sutherland-Smith
    Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging

  • Wade A. Tenney

    Wade A. Tenney
    Large Animal Ultrasonography

  • Annie Shea Wayne

    Annie Shea Wayne
    Emergency & Critical Care

  • Cynthia R. L. Webster

    Cynthia R. L. Webster
    Associate Chair; Small Animal Medicine

  • Lois Wetmore

    Lois Wetmore
    Anesthesia, Pain Pharmacogenetics

  • Vicky K. Yang

    Vicky K. Yang
    Cardiology, Regenerative Medicine