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Landowner, Consumer, Organization or Farmer—Everyone Can Benefit from New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

New Entry improves local and regional food systems by training the next generation of farmers to produce food that is sustainable, nutritious, and culturally-appropriate and making this food accessible to individuals regardless of age, mobility, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

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Collaborating for Conservation

Cummings School and Swiss Valley Foundation Team Up to Save Rare Breeds

Together with Cummings School, SVF Foundation preserves semen and embryos from rare and endangered breeds of food and fiber livestock in an effort to protect the world’s food supply.

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Coming Soon to a Farm Near You

Tufts Ambulatory Service is on Call 24 Hours a Day

Based in Woodstock, Conn., Tufts Ambulatory Service delivers round-the-clock ambulatory care for a variety of food and fiber animals and horses in eastern Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, offering both farm calls and in-house services.

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The Future of Agriculture

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine Cultivates the Next Generation of Veterinarians

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine (AVM) is a fun and engaging career exploration program that gives middle school, high school, and college students a deeper understanding of the veterinary profession and the demands of veterinary school.

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