Do New England owners of backyard chickens need to worry about the recent bird flu outbreak?

The short answer is yes. All domestic poultry are equally susceptible to the avian influenza virus strains that have crippled the U.S. poultry industry over the past year.

Spiky, Slimy and Smooth

Veterinarians Jennifer Graham and veterinary technician Jessica Leonard care for “exotic pets” ranging from a palm-sized hedgehog to a four-foot-long Colombian python at Cummings School’s zoological companion animal medicine service. All of the animals have unique needs, but the bond their owners have with them is just as strong as others might have with their dogs and cats.

Animal Acupuncture

A clinical assistant professor who teaches anatomy at Cummings School discusses how acupuncture can help animals with acute and chronic conditions.

Vince's Story

Ian Brooks cared for Vince, the American toad, beginning at the tadpole stage and was charmed by his developing personality. So he was especially concerned when a rectal prolapse became visible. Dr. Jennifer Graham, who specializes in exotic animals, came to the little guy’s rescue. And she determined that the little guy was, in fact, a girl.

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What to Expect

Bringing your pet to Cummings Veterinary Medical Center? Find out what you need to bring, about registration, parking and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My ferret is losing hair – why?
  • My reptile is not eating – why?
  • My hedgehog is sluggish – can you help?
  • My chicken’s crop is really full – is this normal?
  • My bird is fluffed on the bottom of the cage – could she be egg bound?
  • My bird is picking its feathers – why?
  • My rabbit has blood in her urine – what is wrong?
  • My exotic pet is having difficulty breathing, what is wrong?
Dr. Graham answers these common questions

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