Cummings School is committed to advancing One Health initiatives that enhance the health and well-being of animals, humans and the environment. Our leadership in both clinical and research settings reaches across disciplines, into the classroom, and out in the world.

Our faculty engages in innovative One Health research in the areas of   infectious disease, comparative oncology, international medicine, wildlife, conservation medicine and human-animal interactions. This work creates a campus without boundaries, offers unique learning experiences, and ultimately helps us educate a new breed of One Health graduates prepared to make a positive impact in the World.


The Origins of University of Global Health Equity

Dr. Hellen Amuguni, a Cummings School faculty member within the Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health, played a leading role in incorporating One Health concepts into the curriculum of the newly formed University of Global Health Equity.

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Unraveling Zika

A cattle disease spread by bodily fluids may offer clues for stemming the epidemic

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Cryptosporidium sp. in large intestine

Lethal Parasite

Cummings School scientists seek to prevent a potentially fatal infection that hits young children in the developing world.

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Bwenge, a young silverback mountain gorilla, surveys his surroundings from atop Mount Visoke, an extinct volcano in Rwanda.

Gorilla Medicine

These great apes share 98.5 percent of their genes with us—which makes them susceptible to our diseases. Learn how wildlife veterinarians are protecting these endangered animals in Africa.

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Ghanaians collecting water from Lake Volta at dusk.

The Most Important Disease You’ve Never Heard Of

Tufts’ veterinary school researchers are among a handful worldwide seeking a cure for a debilitating parasitic infection that afflicts over 200 million people

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Organic Nation

Melissa Bailey oversees the standards that shape a burgeoning $35 billion industry

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African communities, women are the sole caretakers of the livestock

Empowering African Women to Stop Diseases

Villagers hold the key in fighting off emerging animal-based pandemics, says researcher Hellen Amuguni

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Dolphin Rescuers

Veterinary student’s research could improve survival rates for stranded animals

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Backyard Battles

The unhappy convergence of suburbia and wildlife

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