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Cummings Hosts International (CHI)

Supporting International Visitors to Campus

Cummings Hosts International (CHI) is committed to making Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University a welcoming place for international visitors, including student externs, visiting faculty, residents, post-doctoral scholars, scientists, and veterinarians.

Founded in January 2014, its mission is to assist international visitors with achieving an enriching social and educational experience. Comprised of staff, students and faculty, CHI provides resources that complement the services established by Tufts University International Center.

The Cummings School is proud to be a global leader in veterinary medicine and values its many partnerships with institutions involved in veterinary medicine around the world. In recent years, Cummings School has hosted visitors from Japan, Bangladesh, Italy, and Germany, and has developed partnerships with universities in Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Cummings School staff, faculty and students and visiting guests mutually benefit from the opportunities to meet and work with colleagues engaged in the field of veterinary medicine from other parts of the globe. For example, Federico, a veterinarian and PhD student from Italy, recently spent six weeks collaborating with orthopedic surgeons at the Foster Hospital.

Cummings School has an appointed international Coordinator who makes an effort to pair each visitor with a faculty or staff member to help provide a fulfilling experience for international visitors.

Beyond the role CHI plays in creating a hospitable learning experience for international visitors to campus, the group also encourages cultural diversity by sponsoring a series of events that celebrate diverse cultural traditions.

For more information about Cummings Hosts International, contact Suzanne Ukpong at