It’s Your Veterinary Alumni Association

Greetings from Dr. Dan Hebert, V01

TUVAA President

hebert_dan_ncb_0333proofs_squareTo my fellow alumni and friends,

This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the Tufts University Veterinary Alumni Association (TUVAA).  The organization is flexing and growing in ways that will meet the needs of the modern day alumni body, an alumni body that now spans more than three decades of graduates. Each of us carries a unique perspective and voice that can help shape the future of our school.

We, veterinarians, are never adverse to change. In fact, it is critical that we stay informed and keep abreast of change in every facet of our profession.  The alumni association is also changing. With modern video conferencing capabilities, the Tufts online community, and instant connectivity held in the palm of our hand, it is a time to brainstorm new ideas and platforms to network and engage with one another. Together we form an incredibly talented, capable group of dedicated professionals with a common background… the sky’s the limit.

The school itself has undergone tremendous growth in these 30 plus years. In 1978 the veterinary school started out as a split campus with classes held in Boston and Grafton, in 1997 the Harrington Oncology Program expanded the Foster Hospital’s cancer treatment capabilities, in 2005 Cummings School became the new official name, Tufts at Tech was launched in 2012, and now here in 2016 I look at today’s fully comprehensive modern facility with a newly renovated Foster Hospital for Small Animals, post holes dug on a brand new 80x120 foot indoor equine arena, and an alumni body with a collective resume of the most astonishing, powerful accomplishments. I imagine those first graduates of the class of 1983 could hardly fathom the immense progress in research, education, and animal care that now form the foundation of the Cummings School of 2017.  Just imagine where we will be in 30 more years.

As a private school, it goes without saying that these achievements came about through the hard work of volunteers and engaged supporters. While it would seem that the number of those alumni giving back must be high, we could actually be doing so much better. Since I graduated over 15 years ago, Cummings School has graduated over 1000 new alumni. When I was a student, assistance from alumni was not expected due to the relative infancy of the school itself. Yet, many still made the effort to donate not only their time, but financial support.

My own clinic purchase would not have been possible without the advice of alumni who came before me. Each of their contributions was relatively small, but had a huge impact on my life. It is now time for the younger generation, and those who have yet to make a gift, to do the same.

Today, take a moment to pay it forward, volunteer your time or make a gift online as I have done myself. Even a small amount each year will have a tremendous impact on today’s young students and the future of veterinary medicine.

When you think back to the days of being a student and remember that feeling of anxiety looking forward to the unknown, it will make you feel good to know that you are helping another student melt that anxiety away.

I look forward to serving you and seeing you all over the coming years.

Dan Hebert, V01
President, TUVAA