Clinical Internship/Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

A 50% CLINICAL INTERNSHIP small animal rotating and research position is offered by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University as part of a one-year program (approximately 6 months clinical internship and 6 months research fellowship).  The internship portion of the position is designed to provide strong clinical experience and didactic training.  This internship consists of rotations through Internal Medicine, Emergency and Critical Care, Surgery, Oncology, and also in the spay clinic and primary care clinic (Tufts@TECH).   If desired, additional elective time may be scheduled in other services.  Specific time allocations to various sub-specialty rotations will be adapted to both intern and clinic needs.

The objectives of a Tufts internship is to enhance clinical, diagnostic problem-solving, communication and technical skills, and prepare individuals to advance to a residency program.  The intern will participate in primary patient care, daily rounds, and instruction of 4th year veterinary students.  Attendance and participation at regularly scheduled lectures, seminars, journal clubs, and clinical rounds are required.  An intern is expected to prepare and present one formal seminar.

The 50% RESEARCH POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP component of this position is designed for a candidate who will develop an independent research project in consultation with the research supervisor focused on dermatologic diseases.   The topic will relate to the development of a better understanding of the molecular pathology of specific dermatologic diseases in veterinary medicine, specifically in canine patients.  The research will involve biomarker discovery using novel molecular techniques incorporating extracellular vesicle non-coding RNA analyses and related bioinformatics.    During the approximate 6 months in this position, attendance and participation at weekly lab meetings and presentations of data at least monthly are expected.   Presentation of findings at one scientific meeting is supported and encouraged within one year.

A benefits package including health and professional liability insurance is provided.   The successful candidate must have a DVM or equivalent degree and have experience in small animal clinical practice.  Candidates should submit a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and the 3 professional references to Dr. Nicholas Frank, DVM, PhD, DACVIM.   For additional information, please contact Dr. Frank (

* Tufts University is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer.